An Invitation

You are invited to join the Hispanic/Latino Center and Fayetteville Technical Community College on an educational trip to beautiful Costa Rica from July 21, 2011 to July 31, 2011. There you will meet the people, learn about biodiversity, visit active volcanoes, travel through a rainforest on a zip line, and see tropical frogs, sloths, butterflies, iguanas, monkeys, and other unique creatures. You’ll want to bring your camera!

Ticos—as the friendly, warmhearted Costa Ricans are known—pride themselves on having more teachers than policemen, a higher male life expectancy than does the United States, an egalitarianism and strong commitment to peace and prosperity, and an education and social-welfare system that should be the envy of many developed nations. When you ask a Costa Rica ¿Cómo está Ud? the response is sure to be Pura Vida or Pure Life, reflecting the happiness and zest for life found throughout the nation.